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Fully enjoy the appeal of Asakusa > Asakusa Engei Hall

Asakusa's venue where you can casually stop by and enjoy. You can not miss this place once you come to Asakusa.

1-43-12 Asakusa,Taito city
Since the opening in 1964 (Showa 39), this theater had many masters who have served as Koza. Rakugo Association and Rakugo Art Association take charge of the performance alternately in 10 days.Whether it's a new work or a classic, from popular teller to the talented one, they have Manzai, Mandan, and acrobatics in between Rakugo. Generally there will be no exchange between the two sections, noon and night.

Day:11:40am ~4:30pm Night:4:40pm ~9:00pm
<Price(tax included)>
※inside of parenthesis is when there is a special show(including the end and beginning of year)
Adult2,800yen(3,000yen)/ Student2,300yen(2,500yen)/ Child(more than 4years old)1,500yen(1,500yen)
※group discount available