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Fully enjoy the appeal of Asakusa > Asakusa France-za Engeijyo Touyoukan

The hall of fame of Asakusa entertainment which has produced a lot of famous comedians

1-43-12 Asakusa, Taito city
In Asakusa, a performing arts hall that inherits the flow of the historical Franceza. The performances are mainly Iromono (Manzai, Mandan, and etc), and it has a key role in the culture of comedy of Asakusa along with Shimaikan/Asakusa Engei Hall. Numerous celebrities such as Atsumi Kiyoshi, Nagato Isamu, Azuma Hachiro, Hagimoto Kinichi, Beat Takeshi and etc. made this place as the gate way to success.

Open:11:30am Start:12:00pm(End4:30pm)
<Price (tax included)>
※inside of parenthesis is when there is a special show(including the end and beginning of year)Adult2,500yen (3,000yen)/ Student2,000yen(2,500yen)/ Child(more than 4years old)1,000yen(1,500yen)
※group discount available