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To enjoy the review of Torahime Ichiza The dream of Showa era gets revived

The restaurant theater where "Torahime Ichiza”, popular with the theme of revival of Showa pop song revival, is based. A stage of singing and dancing filled with lively dynamism get performed along with the nostalgic masterpiece.
Sometimes comical, sometimes elegant …… the good old days of Showa era are revived. Foods and drinks are also popular, and the hospitality provided by the members of Torahime Ichiza.
Including the show, all of the member offer the service as the host. The night view near Tokyo Sky Tree is also beautiful!

Don Quixote Asakusa Bldg7F 2-10 Asakusa, Taito city
Torahime Ichiza http://www.torahi.me/
<Performance schedule>
Daily performance:12:00pm Open/13:00pm Start( 〜3:00pm)
Night performance:6 : 0 0 pm Open/ 7 : 0 0 pm Start( 〜 9 : 3 0 )Close on Monday Night performance only on Thursday/Day performance only on Sunday ※Night performance on Saturday is 5:00pm Open/6:00pm Start ( 〜8:30pm)

◎Show charge(with one drink)Adult(Junior high school or above) 5,000yen (tax not included)
Child(Elementary school) 3,000yen(tax not included)
Heisei era born privilege 4,000yen(tax not included)
Preschool child Free
※Food and drink only is not allowed