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There is the play, laughter, and also the sex appeal, it is the world's smallest theater with plenty of realistic sensation This year we reached our 10th anniversary.

Expressed as "the smallest theater in the world", it is the small theater of about 30 audience seats.Because the distance to the stage is so close, it is the greatest appeal that the performer's enthusiasm and spirit are transmitted directly. There are different performances in day and night, and “The Warai Live” by the young comedians in day time is held daily. The program of the play and live show with its own unique atmosphere is performed at night. "Asakusatuyaemaki" that the theater plays as the main event is the piece of Japanese literature and women's beauty that has been incorporated into the theater, and there is also the beautiful staging production which is the content that can be enjoyed by adults.

Shimizu bldg 2F 1-41 Asakusa, Taito city

Daily performance(Comedic live show)
Held every day 11:00~5:00pm
1500yen(tax included)

Night performance
Please check with phone or website