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If you are strolling around Asakusa Kokusai-dori, you will be able to find temples and shrines here and there.
Full of temples and shrines with rich history. Let’s go to find out the history in historical explorations while receiving the good luck.

History keyword:Great fire of Meireki year 1657 ( Meireki 3)

The biggest conflagration of Edo period also called “Furisode fire” “Maruyama fire”.
Approximately 500~800 districts were lost by the fire, due to many Hatamoto residences, Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples were destroyed, on this occasion a huge renovation of the city took place. Since then Edo’s keep of the castle hasn’t been reconstructed.
The cause of the fire has various views and the truth is still a mystery, but Edo at that time had not rained for 80 days and was severely dehydrated and was in a situation where a fire could have occurred easily. On top of that, due to the fact that the wind was strong that day, the two worst conditions of dry weather and strong weather were combined. The points that one should pay attention is that the origin of the fire wasn’t just one place, but from three that occurred consecutively. When the first fire was about to take it’s last breath the next fire occurred, so that all concentrated cities were all burned down.

Request when you go around temples and shrines 10

The grounds/burial grounds are the objects of faith and the place for rituals for ancestors.
When you go there, please have a moderated behavior.
In the case that there are rules indicated please follow them. About taking photos, or uploading on blogs please check with the temple or shrine.