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"Hanashi Zuka" containing a masterpiece of masterpieces rakugo

2-9-7 Kotobukicho, Taito city
In 1951 (Tensho 19), it was built Edojyo west’s Marubenihayama. Then, it moved to Hacchoubori and got burnt down by “Great fire of Meireki”, however it got moved and rebuilt in Asakusa for the reestablishment of Teramachi by the government. It again got burnt down by Kanto Daishinsai but got rebuilt. It has the relationship with Rakugo as the names of the successive tellers are dug in the whole side on the outer wall, “Hanashika” in 1941 (Showa 16), it was established by the storytellers of that time and officials in the vaudeville. At the time when it was under wartime, when the Rakugo world refrained the music on Karyu Kai, sake, girls as a banned Rakugo performance, the script and etc of banned Rakugo were put into this mount. In addition, Kumagaya Inari which is located in the precincts, it is a rare shrine that worshiped the white fox and only two companies are existing in Japan. It is believed that the white fox brings the fortune and luck.