We will introduce recommended sites mainly around Asakusa.

Government, public agencies, transportation, etc.

Tourist site operated by Taito Ward. Various methods of enjoying Asakusa and Ueno are introduced.

Ikenami Shotaro Memorial Library
Various materials on Shinkaro Ikenami's work, which released numerous masterpieces of period novels, such as "Onihei Kage Book" set in Ueno · Asakusa as his hometown, set in the downtown of Edo, was exhibited.(Taito Ward Lifelong Learning CenterOn the first floor, in the Taito Ward's Central Library)

Ichiyo Memorial Hall
It was built in Longquan which became the stage of masterpiece "Takekurabe" by local enthusiasm.

Tsukuba Express
It is a site of a new line connecting Tsukuba, Asakusa, Akihabara, 58.3 km. On August 24, 2005, "Asakusa Station" opened at the entrance to the park 6th district of Beat Street (Asakusa International Street).

Asakusa / Odaiba direct line is also operated by the future type water bus "Himiko" produced by Manga Matsumoto, cartoonist, produced together with the historic Sumidagawa Line connecting Asakusa, Hamarikyu and Hinode Pier.

Asakusa Jidaiya
Asakusa shrine favorite tourist rickshaw.

Asakusa Official Page, etc.

Sensoji temple official site
The head temple of Holy Kannon Sect

Asakusa Shrine official website
A shrine that worships famous three companies in the three company festival. It is next to Sensoji Temple Kannondo.

Asakusa Tourism Federation Official Site
The official website of the Asakusa Tourism Federation, which is the center of various events in Asakusa.

Asakusa Encyclopedia
It is managed by the Asakusa Sophoro (Enji) meeting where the volunteers of volunteer volunteers who love Asakusa gathered. Want to know Asakusa seriously, it is the best site for those who want to enjoy it deeply.

Asakusa delicious society
Asakusa love human shops gathered in harsh taste, friendly to people, grown in downtown.

A site operated by Asakusa Shoten Federation. You can see event information etc.

Asakusa Food and Beverage Industry Association
It covers data of shops of restaurant and restaurant in Asakusa area over 150.

Asakusa Hotel Ryokan Association
Asakusa Hotel Ryokan Association official website convenient for finding hotels and inns in Asakusa.

Food Buy Play Festival THE Asakusa
Asakusa's meals, sake, shopping, play, festival information are posted.

Asakusa nice place
Asakusa comprehensive information site which is a cheerful Asakusa site to which a timekeeper of a rickshaw is transmitted. It is certified as "2000 Industry Support Project of the 21st Century" in Taito-ku in 2000.

The wind of Asakusa
We introduce about 7000 articles and over 20,000 photos, Asakusa's daily life. Photos from June 2006 to March 2010 are posted.


It is an information site to tell in photo news centering on Asakusa's daily events.