8 Shopping Streets +α

 Association of Asakusa Kokusai-dori Shopping Street consists of eight unit associations, and doing activities for community development.

Kokusai-dori Shopping Association 1st Department

 The arcade street leading from Tawaramachi station towards Kaminarimon Street is Kokusai-dori Shopping Association first department. There are variety of first-class stores such as restaurants, stores for hobby and housing consultation, and etc. Please visit our shop association where is located at the entrance of the International Street and the transportation is convenient.

Kokusai-dori Shopping Association 2nd Department

 Very close from Tawaramachi station of Ginza line where is located in the middle of theKokusai-dori,approximately 40 stores, consisting of mainly restaurants, starts from Taikomikoshi’s Miyamoto Unosuke shopping street to just before Asakusa Imahan, Gojo estate. It is the Kokusai-dori Shopping Association second department where the number of people is rapidly increasing.

Kokusai-dori Shopping Association 3rd Department

 The shopping street of Nishi Asakusa 3 chome. The shopping street that was constructed in a long-established store or old store which spread out for a long time. There are also small bars in the back street. It may be said that only some nostalgic feelings of the Showa stay.

Kaminarimon Tawara Shopping Association

 It is the association located at Kaminarimon 1 chome at the street about 200 meters heading north of Asakusa Kokusai-dori Ave. from Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi station. In 1960, it was established with 13 stores as “Tawaramachi Shopping Association”, and immediately worked on arcade construction, then changed the name to “Asakusa Kaminarimon Tawara Shopping Association” in 1975. The number of members increased, and a new arcade was completed After that,in 2005, the long-awaited Tsukuba Express opened and visitors to Asakusa Kokusai-dori Ave. are increasing year by year as expected. As a result of renewal such as removal of dome arcades, refreshing of street light, and etc, it has been appraised as one of the top promenades with the deep hospitality.

Kokusai-dori Shouei Association

 The Association which is about the size of one town district from the Nishi Asakusa 3-chome intersection. It is at the of northeast side of Asakusa Kokusai-dori Shopping Street. There are Edo emotional and unique shops such as ryokan and live house.

Kokusai-dori Shoukou Association

 Located on the east side of Asakusa Kokusai-dori Ave.,it is the one side shopping street with 100 meters long beginning from Asakusa Kaminarimon Street to ROX, and its location is at Asakusa 1 chome. In prewar days, it had been active as “Kokusai-dori Shopping Association”, but after the war, it restarted as “Kokusaidori Shoukoku Association” in 1954. Since Asakusa View Hotel opened at the site of the International Theater in 1985, the number of visitors increased and the business environment improved as well. In 2005, along with the opening of the Tsukuba Express, it is getting more crowded year by year. Furthermore, the maintenance of roadway and sidewalk, and the removal of arcade. By completing the movable sunshade tent, it is making visitors happy because of the rain cover and sunshade effects like the arcade, and the fact that it is brighter and easy to walk.

Kokusai-dori Kouei Association

 The store association which area is from the north of Rox to the arcade’s east side along the road. There are mostly restaurants. It is partially parking lots and vacant space, so it is attracting attention as to whether it will be a commercial site or a condominium in the future.

Asakusa Kokusai-dori Yuuwa Association

 It is the north of Hotel Keihan Asakusa, the part where there is the arcade to the Kokusai-dori Shouei Association. Close to the red-light district of west side of Hanayashiki and Asakusa View Hotel, and it is mainly consisted of restaurants. Because there is also an entrance to the Tsukuba Express, it has excellent accessibility.

(Asakusa View Hotel Shopping Association)

※Asakusa View Hotel It is a store association by tenant society over 30 years since opening.